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Jimmy Shen

Machine Learning Engineer and Software Engineer

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  • Xiaoke Shen, Ioannis Stamos, Unified Object Detector for Different Modalities based on Vision Transformers, (under review) pdf code demo


  • Xiaoke Shen, Ioannis Stamos, Cross-Modality Transfer Learning for Object Detection with ConvNets or Vision Transformers, (under review) pdf code demo


  • Xiaoke Shen, Ioannis Stamos, 3D Object Detection and Instance Segmentation from 3D Range and 2D Color Images, Special Issue Sensors and Computer Vision Techniques for 3D Object Modeling, 2021 pdf
  • Yang Liu, You Wu, Xiaoke Shen, Lei Xie, COVID-19 multi-targeted drug repurposing using few-shot learning, Frontiers in Bioinformatics, 2021, link


  • Xiaoke Shen, Yang Liu, You Wu, Lei Xie, MoLGNN: Self-Supervised Motif Learning Graph Neural Network for Drug Discovery, Machine Learning for Molecules Workshop @ NeurIPS 2020 pdf
  • Xiaoke Shen, Ioannis Stamos, Frustum VoxNet for 3D object detection from RGB-D or Depth images, The IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, 1698-1706 link


  • Xiaoke Shen, A survey of Object Classification and Detection based on 2D/3D data, arXiv:1905.12683, 2019 pdf